Trade Alert: We Are Rebalancing Both Safe Growth and High Risk Portfolios.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Safe Growth Portfolio

Existing Members

Trade Alert: We have made the following changes to the Safe Growth and High Risk Portfolios. To save yourself time simply input how much money you want to invest total per strategy into the risk calculator located here in our membership area.

Safe Growth: Per unit the Safe Growth strategy has sold 3 out of every 11 UVXY, 3 out of 3 EFO and taken the $224 cash position from sale of 2 BOIL and purchased 1 NRGU.

High Risk: Per unit we had 9 shares of BOIL sold at $114 use this $1026 cash position per unit to purchase 1 NRGU, 6 BOIL, 24 FNGU and 10 ETHE.

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High-Risk Growth Portfolio

High-Risk Growth Track Record

High-Risk Growth Asset Allocation – 1 Unit = $1,973

Safe Growth Track Record

Safe Growth Asset Allocation – 1 Unit = $1,071

Disclaimer: Investing is risky and you can lose your entire investment, this is not financial advice and is for educational purposes only! See our full disclaimer below.



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