Bootcamp Study Guide

Market Predictions, Bill Gates, Herd Immunity and The Election

September 1, 2020

311 TIP. Macro Mastermind w/ Lyn Alden, Luke Gromen, & Jeff Booth

Brent Johnson: The Dollar is Not Dead

Jason Hartman (Shocking Real Estate News, Higher Taxes Coming, How To Survive/Thrive)

Bill Gates on Bloomberg Studio 1.0

Children’s Mortality From COVID-19 (Aug 27th 2020)

WARNING: Former Google CEO Tells the World What’s Coming Next

Robert Barnes (Your Liberties, Wealth, AND Way Of Life Are Under Attack! Here’s What To Do)

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden delivers remarks in Pittsburgh

Kolanovic Says Trump Re-Election Odds Are Soaring, Prompting Nate Silver To Melt Down On Twitter

WaPo Trashes Trump’s New “Anti-Fauci” As Gottlieb Pans White House Push For “Herd Immunity”



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