Pro Advisory Trade Alert

No Changes, Continued Sector Rotation Underway.

September 16, 2020


No Changes to Portfolio…

Just Getting Started?

Per $25,000 in your portfolio buy the following:

Buy 280 shares of UPRO
3X SP500 goes up with SPY ETF
Potential 3-Year Profit = +200% vs Risk = -50%

Buy 200 shares of UVXY
Ultra Vix Short Term Futures ETF / protects against large crashes in UPRO.
Potential 3-Year Profit = +1,000% vs Risk = -90%

Buy 10 shares of AGQ
3X Spot Silver ETF
Potential 3-Year Profit = +1,000% vs Risk = -90%

Buy 20 Shares of TTT
-3X +20-Year Treasury ETF
Potential 3-Year Profit = +1,000% vs Risk = -90%

Buy 10 Shares of MRNA
Moderna, Vaccine
Potential 1-Year Profit = +200% vs Risk = -50%

Summary of Asset Allocation:

67% Long Equities For Economic Recovery + Stimulus/QE
20% Long Vol For Downside Stock Risk Protection
2.5% Long Silver To Protect Against Currency Devaluation
2.5% Long Rising Rates, Bond Crash Hedge
2.5% Long Moderna Vaccine
Total Cost ~$25,000  / Total Allocation ~100%

Disclaimer: Investing is risky and you can lose your entire investment, this is not financial advice and is for educational purposes only! See our full disclaimer below.



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